A bonus episode of Touch flopped.
ABC had a decent premiere Friday.

rating show slot network last week season low series low
0.6 America’s Next Top Model: College Edition
“The Girl Who Does What Tyler Perry Says”
8pm CW 0.6 0.4 (2) 0.4 (4)
0.7 Touch “The Road Not Taken” 8pm FOX 1.9 (2) 1.9 (2)
0.9 Dateline “The Inside Man” 10pm NBC 0.9 0.7 (2) 0.7 (2)
1.7 What Would You Do? season premiere 9pm ABC 1.1 (2)
1.8 Shark Tank season premiere 8pm ABC 0.9 (r) 1.4 1.1
1.8 20/20 “Nasty Neighbors” season premiere 10pm ABC 1.2 (r) 0.9
0.3 rerun – Nikita “Dead Drop” 9pm CW 0.2 (r) 0.6 0.6
0.6 rerun – Blue Bloods “Collateral Damage” 10pm CBS 0.6 (r) 1.3 1.3
0.6 rerun – Bones “The Past in the Present” 9pm FOX 0.5 1.9 (2) 1.9 (2)
0.6 rerun – Grimm “The Kiss” 9pm NBC 0.4 1.5 1.2 (2)
0.7 rerun – Undercover Boss “Kendall Jackson” 8pm CBS 1.1 1.1
0.7 rerun – CSI: NY “Unwrapped” 9pm CBS 0.6 (r) 1.1 1.1
0.9 rerun – Go On “He Got Game, She Got Cats” 8:30 NBC
1.0 rerun – Guys with Kids “Pilot” 8pm NBC

sources: spotted ratings and tv by the numbers

site updates: A giant updated list of Reruns on Cable will be posted tonight at 7pm Eastern 8:35. A new set of MST3K DVDs are to be released in December, so the MST3K Video Guide has been updated.

Programming Notes
The first 10 episodes of Cinematic Titanic were added to hulu over the Summer.

Variety has ratings news about the new crop of daytime talk shows, though it is a marathon, not a sprint.

Season 2 of Project Runway will rerun on Bravo on Monday, 6am-4pm, but will omit the first three episodes. The second half of Season 3 will rerun on Style on Monday, September 24, at 11am-5pm. The current season, 10, airs Thursdays at 9pm on Lifetime.


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