America’s Got Talent fell behind Big Brother. So You Think You Can Dance stayed at its series low set last week.

rating show slot network last week season low series low
0.4 Oh Sit! “Episode 105” 8pm CW 0.4 0.3
0.5 RNC day 2 10pm CBS
0.6 RNC day 2 10pm ABC
1.1 RNC day 2 10pm NBC
1.5 So You Think You Can Dance top 8 8pm-10 FOX 1.5 1.5 (2) 1.5 (2)
2.2 America’s Got Talent episode 27 9pm NBC 2.3 2.0 (2) 2.0 (2)
2.3 Big Brother 8pm CBS 2.1 1.8 1.8 (2+)
1.1 clip show – America’s Got Talent “Performance Recap” 9pm NBC 1.4 2.0 (2) 2.0 (2)
0.3 rerun – Supernatural “Slash Fiction” 9pm CW 0.6 0.6
0.9 rerun – The Middle “The Paper Route” 8pm ABC 1.1 1.9 (2) 1.7
1.0 rerun – Suburgatory “Halloween” 8:30 ABC 0.9 1.8
1.1 rerun – Suburgatory “Fire with Fire” 9:30 ABC 1.0 1.8
1.1 rerun – Criminal Minds “Profiling 101” 9pm CBS 1.3 2.8 2.8
1.3 rerun – Modern Family “Treehouse” 9pm ABC 1.3 3.9 2.5

sources: spotted ratings and tv by the numbers

Programming Notes

The NHL released the national television schedule for 2012-2013, for both the U.S. and Canada.

Chelsea Handler mentioned on the Tuesday edition of Chelsea Lately that the show’s new, bigger studio will debut on Monday, October 15.

Jersey Shore‘s next season will be the end (for now).

Good Morning America is pulling away from The Today Show in total viewers, ahead by half a million last week, although Today was slightly ahead in the 25-54 demo.

NewsRadio will finish its run on AntennaTV with the final six episodes of the series on Sunday, 6pm to 9. There’s a Maude-athon on September 12, 11am to 3am. AntennaTV will switch to its new Monday-Thursday schedule on Tuesday.

11am Adam-12 (moved from 5pm, replaces Too Close for Comfort)
noon Dragnet (moved from 6pm)
1pm Hazel (moved from 2pm, replaces McHale’s Navy)
2pm Father Knows Best (moved from 7pm)
3pm Dennis the Menace
4pm Leave It to Beaver
5pm The Partridge Family
6pm All in the Family (moved from 9pm)
7pm Three’s Company (moved from noon)
8pm Maude (new to weekdays)
9pm Good Times (moved from 7pm)
10pm Sanford & Son (moved from 8pm)
11pm Three’s Company (moved from 10pm, replaces Too Close for Comfort)


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