NFL Pre-Season won, NASCAR ran second, WrestleMania clip show lagged far behind.

rating show slot network last week season low series low
0.8 WWE WrestleMania highlights 9pm-10 NBC
1.5 NASCAR Sprint Cup
Irwin Tools Night Race from Bristol Motor Speedway
7:30 Live ABC
1.6 NFL Pre-Season Texans vs Saints 8pm Live CBS
0.4 rerun – America’s Got Talent “Episode 23” 8pm-9 NBC 0.5 2.0 (2) 2.0 (2)
0.5 rerun – Mobbed “A Father Lost for 37 Years” 9pm FOX 0.4 1.2 1.2
0.7 rerun – Law & Order: SVU 10pm NBC 1.6 (3) 1.6 (3)
0.7 rerun – COPS “Chases, Guns and Cars” 8pm FOX 0.7 1.0 (6) ?
0.8 rerun – COPS “Dazed and Confused #4” 8:30 FOX 0.7 1.0 (6) ?

sources: spotted ratings and tv by the numbers

Programming Notes

Rob Riggle will replace Frank Caliendo on FOX NFL Sunday.

The Bravo seasons of Project Runway currently rerun on Style in marathon fashion once every couple of weeks. Next up is Season 1, starting at 9pm on Friday 6am on Saturday, September 7 8, ending at 11am on Saturday, with a four-hour infomercial intermission at 2am. The first half has been replaced by Chicagolicious. But there is a season 4 marathon on Tuesday, September 11, 6am to 8pm. (update: August 31)


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