Everything came up reruns. All 13 episodes of NYC 22 have aired despite its terrible ratings, so good on CBS. The top reruns were regular Saturday night fare.

Next Saturday, ABC will have a NASCAR race, CBS will have a pre-season NFL game between the Texans and Saints, and NBC will have an hourlong recap of this year’s WrestleMania.

rating show slot network last week season low series low
0.4 rerun – Mobbed “Brawling Brothers” 9pm FOX 0.6 1.2 1.2
0.5 rerun – America’s Got Talent “Episode 23” 8pm-9 NBC 2.0 (2) 2.0 (2)
0.5 rerun – Stars Earn Stripes “Amphibious Assault” 9pm-11 NBC 1.7
0.5 rerun – Person of Interest 8pm CBS 2.4
0.6 rerun – Castle “The Limey” 10pm ABC 0.4 2.0 (3) 1.9
0.7 movie – The Devil Wears Prada (2006) 8pm-10 ABC
0.7 rerun – Criminal Minds “Unknown Subject” 9pm CBS 2.8 2.8
0.7 rerun – COPS “A Crash, An Arrest & A Baby” 8pm FOX 0.8 1.0 (6) ?
0.7 rerun – COPS “Street Arrests #2” 8:30 FOX 0.8 1.0 (6) ?
0.8 rerun – 48 Hours Mystery “The Boy Next Door” 10pm CBS 0.6 0.9 (3) ?

sources: spotted ratings and tv by the numbers

Programming Notes

William Windom from Murder, She Wrote died. His long list of bit roles spans 50 years.

The Rusty series of movies, which ran recently on Saturday mornings on TCM, will continue on AntennaTV, on Monday morning at 7pm with “My Dog Rusty” and “Rusty Leads the Way” (both 1948), and then on September 1 at 5am with “Rusty Saves a Life” (1949). Antenna ran the original movie, “Adventures of Rusty” (1945), a week ago.

Labor Day Specials

The MDA Show of Strength telethon has further reduced, to 3 hours on Sunday at 8pm Eastern.

AntennaTV will air an 8-hour marathon of Jerry Lewis movies, appropriately, three times: from 5am to 1pm, 1pm to 9pm, and 9pm to 5am. The movies are “Three on a Couch,” “The Big Mouth,” “Don’t Raise the Bridge,” and “Hook, Line and Sinker.”

A&E will begin its two-part mini-series, COMA, at 9pm-11pm, and conclude it on Tuesday night. Storage Wars will rerun from 8am – 9pm on Labor Day.

Spike will rerun Band of Brothers parts 1-3 on Sunday night, 11pm-3:30am, and parts 4-8 on Labor Day, 9:30am to 5:30pm.

AMC will air a marathon of westerns starring Clint Eastwood.

ABC Family will rerun Switched at Birth starting at 7am, leading up to the season 3 premiere the first new episode since March at 8pm.

Animal Planet will rerun Call of the Wildman starting at 9am, leading up to two new episodes at 10pm.

BBC America will start up a Top Gear marathon at 2am early Monday morning.

TV Land will go with M*A*S*H from 8am to 6pm.

HGTV will have a mix of House Hunters from 10am to 8pm, with new episodes at 10-11pm.

GSN will surround the debut of Pyramid (at 6pm) with Family Feud, from 4:30pm to Midnight.

USA has 13 hours of NCIS.

TNT has Rizzoli & Isles from 11am to 8pm, with a new Major Crimes at 9pm and Perception at 10.

Travel will precede a new episode of No Reservations at 9pm with 9 hours of reruns.

FX will go with 12 hours of Two and a Half Men starting at noon.

Food Network has a new episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives at 10pm, preceded by four hours of reruns, and reruns of Chopped from 10am to 6pm.

Science will start its marathon of How It’s Made at 9am.

Chiller will go all-Buffy starting at midnight on Sunday night.

update: here’s a ridiculously complete list at TV Tango


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