It’s the middle of Summer, the season when basic cable grabs the spotlight and the networks put on terrible reality shows.

Two weeks ago, I started sampling a ton of shows I’d never seen. At this point, I’ve rejected 70 series, and picked up five: The Eric Andre Show, Project Runway, Franklin & Bash, Workaholics, and John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show.

My television habits this Summer lean British: Gordon Ramsay, Heidi Klum (oh wait), John Oliver, Alfred Hitchcock, Malcolm McDowell, Ricky Gervais, Russell Brand, Outnumbered, and the couple on Episodes.

show slot network dates
The Jack Benny Program 2am Monday-Friday AntennaTV
Chelsea Lately 11pm Monday-Thursday E!
Conan 11pm Monday-Thursday TBS
The Daily Show 11pm Monday-Thursday Comedy Central
The Colbert Report 11:30 Monday-Thursday Comedy Central
Alfred Hitchcock Presents 12am Tuesday-Friday AntennaTV
Punk Payback various overnight FuelTV
NewsRadio 8pm Sunday AntennaTV
Episodes 10:30 Sunday Showtime July 7 – August 26
Aqua 12:00am Monday Adult Swim June 24 – August 26
The Eric Andre Show 12:30am Monday Adult Swim May 21 – July 30
Hell’s Kitchen 8pm Monday & Tuesday FOX June 4 – September 10
MasterChef 9pm Monday & Tuesday FOX June 4 – September 4
Franklin & Bash 10pm Tuesday TNT June 5 – August 14
Workaholics 10:30 Tuesday Comedy Central May 29 – July 31
Nature 8pm Wednesday PBS
Dallas 9pm Wednesday TNT June 13 – August 8
Futurama 10pm Wednesday Comedy Central June 20 – September 5
Through the Wormhole 10pm Wednesday Science June 6 – August 8
Project Runway 9pm Thursday Lifetime July 19 – October 18
Louie 10:30 Thursday FX July 28 – September 20
Brand X 11pm Thursday FX June 28 – August 2
The Ricky Gervais Show 9pm Friday HBO April 20 – July 13
Real Time 10pm Friday HBO returns August 17
John Oliver’s NY Stand-Up Show 11pm Friday Comedy Central July 20 – August 24
Dan Vs. 3pm Saturday The Hub May 19 – June 23
Suspense Theatre 10pm Saturday AntennaTV

credit: futon critic for dates.

Finished The Twilight Zone (1960s, Syfy).
Caught up on Outnumbered (PBS).


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