Brian Lowry lauds rerun service MeTV.

America’s Got Talent fell two tenths from last week but was the top program of the night. Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef were one tenth behind, up half a point from their season lows set two weeks ago. Wipeout tied its season low. CBS’s crimetime reruns all earned a 1.0.

rating show slot network last week season low series low
0.3 The L.A. Complex “Vacancy” 9pm CW 0.2 0.2 (3)
0.9 Trust Us With Your Life Ricky Gervais 9:30 ABC 1.0
0.9 Trust Us With Your Life Mark Cuban 9pm ABC 1.1
1.2 NY Med liver disease 10pm ABC 1.2 1.2 (2)
1.4 Wipeout “Udderly Ridiculous” 8pm ABC 1.5 1.4 1.3
1.3 Love in the Wild episode 7 10pm NBC 1.2 1.2 (2) 1.2 (2)
2.5 MasterChef top 7 9pm FOX 2.0 1.8
2.5 Hell’s Kitchen 8 chefs, part 2 8pm FOX 2.0 2.0
2.6 America’s Got Talent episode 18 8pm-10 NBC 2.8 2.0 2.0
0.4 rerun – Hart of Dixie “Gumbo and Glory” 8pm CW 0.3 0.5 (4)
1.0 rerun – NCIS: LA “Blye K.” 9pm CBS 1.1 2.4 2.4
1.0 rerun – Person of Interest “Witness” 10pm CBS 2.4
1.0 rerun – NCIS “Safe Harbour” 8pm CBS 1.3 3.1 (3) 2.4

sources: spotted ratings and tv by the numbers

Programming Notes

DirecTV has ended one of its transmission disputes. The four television stations owned by West Virginia Media Holdings have returned to the DirecTV lineup after being pulled on July 1. Many West Virginians have historically relied on satellite television as the mountainous terrain makes it difficult to pick up television signals.

The BBC bought the rights to air the four Olympics following London.

The CBC suffered another blow, as the CRTC will end a subsidy that was worth more than $40 annually to the public broadcaster. Another $60 million had been doled out annually among other companies operating in small markets.


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