FOX’s dating shows were up, but still no match for CBS’s reruns. NBC’s Saving Hope was down at a CW-like 0.4. Rookie Blue rose two tenths, but Wipeout fell three two tenths from its return last week. Two Big Bang Theory reruns were the top-rated shows of the night.

FX’s Anger Management fell to a 1.3, a full point below its 9:30 episode last week.

Mobbed takes 8pm next Thursday for FOX, while The Choice gets burned off on Saturdays starting next week. FOX has chosen to burn-off five episodes of Mobbed on Saturdays: July 14, 21, and 28.

rating show slot network last week season low series low
0.3 Breaking Pointe “Curtain Call” 8pm CW 0.3 0.2
0.4 Saving Hope “Out of Sight” 9pm NBC 0.7 0.4
0.9 Rock Center painkiller babies 10pm NBC 0.8 0.5
1.0 Duets “Favorite Standards” 8pm ABC 1.0 1.0
1.2 Take Me Out episode 5 8pm FOX 1.0 1.0
1.3 Rookie Blue “Messy Houses” 10pm ABC 1.1 1.1 1.0 (2)
1.6 The Choice episode 5 9pm FOX 1.2 1.2
1.8 Wipeout “Salutes the Armed Forces” 9pm ABC 2.0 1.4 1.3
0.2 rerun – The Vampire Diaries “Ghost World” 9pm CW 0.2 1.0 1.0
0.5 rerun – Parks and Rec “The Comeback Kid” 8:30 NBC 1.6 1.6
0.6 rerun – The Office “Last Day in Flordia” 8pm NBC 2.1 2.1
1.3 rerun – The Mentalist “Cheap Burgandy” 10pm CBS 1.1 1.8 1.8
1.6 rerun – Person of Interest “The Fix” 9pm CBS 1.1 2.4
2.2 rerun – The Big Bang Theory
“The Infestation Hypothesis”
8pm CBS 2.0 4.1 2.8
2.5 rerun – The Big Bang Theory
“The Wiggly Finger Catalyst”
8:30 CBS 4.1 2.8

sources: spotted ratings and tv by the numbers

Programming Notes

Anger Management was sold to the U.K. version of Comedy Central, which also airs Two and a Half Men. Canada’s CTV will air the series on Tuesdays at 9pm this Fall.


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