NBC won the night with two hours of original programming, though 60 Minutes and ABC’s reruns weren’t too far behind.

rating show slot network last week season low series low
1.0 60 Minutes Warren Buffett; Novak Djokovic 7pm CBS 1.0
1.2 Dateline suburban poverty 8pm NBC 0.7 (2) 0.7 (2)
1.2 U.S. Olympic Trials track and field 7pm NBC
0.6 rerun – The Good Wife “Parenting Made Easy” 9pm CBS
0.7 rerun – Person of Interest “Judgment” 8pm CBS
0.7 rerun – American Dad
“The Old Stan in the Mountain”
7pm FOX 0.8 1.8 1.6 (2)
0.8 rerun – Cleveland “Das Shrimp Boat” 7:30 FOX 1.0 1.2 (3) 1.2 (3)
0.9 rerun – The Mentalist “Red is the New Black” 10pm CBS 0.8
0.9 rerun – FOX 25th Anniversary Special 8pm-10 FOX
0.9 rerun – Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss “Tony” 9pm-11 ABC
1.0 rerun – America’s Funniest Home Videos 7pm ABC
1.1 rerun – Secret Millionaire “James Malinchak” 8pm ABC
1.2 rerun – America’s Got Talent (Tue. June 12) 9pm NBC
1.2 rerun – America’s Got Talent (Monday) 10pm NBC

sources: spotted ratings and tv by the numbers

Programming Notes

Roseanne will be roasted by Comedy Central on Sunday, August 12.

A report commissioned by Congress states that PBS and NPR could not be sustained by more advertising.

On July 30, The NFL Network will start up a morning show, for those Americans who need football news at 6 A.M.

CNN got some advice from the New York Times TV section: show the news and don’t compete with the demagogues. “As viewers, we hew toward picking sides in news programming because it creates the illusion not just of import and drama, but that someone is at fault and things can be fixed. “

Finally, WWE has come back to broadcast television, this time on family-friendly ION. WWE Main Event, a weekly hour similar to what WGN Superstars had been, will debut in October, and air on Wednesdays.

Boston.com will start an internet radio rock station for some reason.

Factoid of the Day: “…1982’s “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” played 54 times last year on VH1 Classics.”

Excuse of the Day

Hey, it beat that show that killed horses.

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