Black Bart Simpson

The 3rd game of the NBA Finals won the night. Golf did alright. The FOX cartoons reran okay. CBS got pummeled.

rating show slot network last week season low series low
0.9 Jimmy Kimmel Live pregame 7pm ABC
1.0 60 MinutesFreeman Hrabowski; Taylor Swift 7pm CBS 1.1
1.5 Kia Pre-Game 7:30 ABC
2.2 PGA U.S. Open, Final Round 7pm-10:31 NBC
5.7 NBA Finals Game 3 8-11pm ABC
0.5 rerun – The Good Wife “Marthas and Caitlins” 9pm CBS
0.6 rerun – Off Their Rockers “episode 5” 10:30 NBC
0.7 rerun – Blue Bloods “The Job” 8pm CBS
0.8 rerun – The Mentalist “Always Bet on Red” 10pm CBS
0.8 rerun – American Dad “Dr. Klaustus” 7pm FOX 0.9 1.9 1.6 (2)
1.0 rerun – Cleveland “March Dadness” 7:30 FOX 1.0 1.2 (3) 1.2 (3)
1.2 rerun – Bob’s Burgers “Bob Day Afternoon” 8:30 FOX 1.2 1.7 (2) 1.7 (2)
1.3 rerun – The Simpsons “The Falcon and the D’Ohman” 8pm FOX 1.3 1.9 1.9
1.5 rerun – American Dad “The Wrestler” 9:30 FOX 1.3 1.8 1.6 (2)
1.7 rerun – Family Guy
“Be Careful What You Fish For”
9pm FOX 1.5 2.4 2.4

sources: spotted ratings and tv by the numbers

Programming Notes

Once again, you can watch a ton of NBC’s shows from last season during the Summer, on NBC.com.

CBS syndication officially announced that The Arsenio Hall Show will reboot in the Fall of 2013.

The Seven Dwarfs finally get their own cartoon series, called “7D,” on Disney Junior, in 2014.

FOX revealed its Fall premiere dates.

Wednesday, September 12
8-10 PM THE X FACTOR (Season Premiere, Part One)

Thursday, September 13
8-9 PM THE X FACTOR (Season Premiere, Part Two)
9-10 PM GLEE (Season Premiere)

Monday, September 17
8-9 PM BONES (Season Premiere)
9-10 PM THE MOB DOCTOR (Series Premiere)

Tuesday, September 25
8-8:30 PM NEW GIRL (Special All-New Episode)
8:30-9 PM BEN AND KATE (Series Premiere)
9-9:30 PM NEW GIRL (Season Premiere)
9:30-10 PM THE MINDY PROJECT (Series Premiere)

Friday, September 28
9-10 PM FRINGE (Season Premiere)

Sunday, September 30
8-8:30 PM THE SIMPSONS (Season Premiere)
8:30-9 PM BOB’S BURGERS (Season Premiere)
9-9:30 PM FAMILY GUY (Season Premiere)
9:30-10 PM AMERICAN DAD (Season Premiere)

Tuesday, October 2
8 -8:30 PM RAISING HOPE (Season Premiere)

Sunday, October 7
7:30-8 PM THE CLEVELAND SHOW (Season Premiere)

Friday, October 26
8-9 PM TOUCH (Season Premiere)


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