The Best Sandwich in America debuted on Wednesday on The Travel Channel, and didn’t make the top 100 list. OWN’s Are You Normal, America? debuted on Sunday.

On July 24, you can plop American Gypsies from National Geographic Channel AND American Originals from The Travel Channel onto the tray of America Balls.

American Lost Treasures (July 4)
Good Afternoon America (July 9)
American Gypsies (July 24)
American Originals (July 24)
Fish America (July 29)
The American Broadcasting Company (ABC)
Destination America (channel)
USA Network
American Idol
America’s Got Talent
Good Morning America
America This Morning
American Ninja Warriors
American Horror Story
American Dad!
America’s Next Top Model
America’s Funniest Home Videos
America’s Most Wanted
Ugly Americans
American Pickers
The American Experience
United States of Tara
American Restoration
American Weed
United Stats of America
Iron Chef America
The Miss America Pageant
Miss USA
Football Night in America
Baseball Night in America
Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy
America’s Money Class with Suze Orman
State of the Union with Candy Crowley
John King, USA
America Court with Judge Ross
America Now
American Digger
American Icon
American Stuffers
Made in America
My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding
America’s Supernanny
Invention USA
Truck Stop USA
American Underworld
American Chopper
All-American Muslim

source: futon critic


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