I have never been more shocked at the blatant disregard for those outside of the commercial-watching class, it completely blows me away. I never believed that watching a TV show meant so little to networks nowadays unless the viewer also watches the commercials.

This is very troubling and I wonder if the people who zap the commercials know that they are being discriminated against — do advertisers really believe that those who don’t watch their ads won’t try anything new or don’t buy anything — or is it really the Nielsen system that is outdated, not tracking correctly who is watching what. It really is a shame that high quality television programs will be canceled just because people change the channel during commercial breaks.

Getting rid of ’30 Rock’ because some of us don’t watch the commercials is pathetic. We are people too! The writing is outstanding, the plots hilarious, and the characters unforgettable. It is shameful that ’30 Rock’ is heading into its final season. It may not appeal to commercial viewers, but it is the commercial skippers who have all the money these days. (We spend 1/3 less time sitting on the couch watching commercials.) To cancel a show that has such wit and intelligence is deplorable. Most television shows either question our integrity or are just plain stupid. Reality shows really aren’t reality and the rest are too sleazy. So, so sorry to hear the series is ending.



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