Spot went though FOX’s line-up today and pondered its shows’ prospects in an even-handed and level-headed manner.

Well, I’m a fool and about to rush in.

Cartoons. Only FOX knows if “Napoleon Dynamite” passed its test. If it has, I’d pare it down to 11-minute episodes and put it on the new Saturday night cartoon block.

“COPS” has been pre-empted this season by baseball, MMA fights, “America’s Most Wanted” specials, and “Q’Viva.” Send it to Friday and let reruns fill the gaps between specials.

“COPS” at 8pm, “Kitchen Nightmares” at 9pm. Done.

“X Factor” / “American Idol” at 8pm, new drama at 9pm.

“X Factor” / “American Idol” at 8pm, “Glee” at 9pm.

“Raising Hope” at 8pm, “New Girl” at 9pm, new sitcoms in between.

“Bones” at 8pm, new drama at 9pm. “Touch” takes over at 9pm in the Spring.

2 new dramas and 2 new sitcoms in the Fall.
2 new sitcoms and 1 new drama as backup in the Spring.
More specials and more cartoons on Saturdays.
That’s certainly in line with FOX’s recent programming decisions and its already-announced plans.


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