In lieu of writing about the two most boring teams in the NFL playing in the Super Bowl tomorrow, I’d rather discuss a hypothetical expansion of the NFL to take place roughly ten years from now.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said if L.A. were to get a team, it would be a new franchise, and that a second franchise would also be created at the same time, and that this would happen later rather than sooner.

What cities might be considered for that 34th NFL team?

Oklahoma City — Loves football, and would give the Cowboys a local rivalry.

San Antonio — Would give the highly-populated state of Texas a third team, and would give Mexico a team to cheer for, just like Toronto cheers for Buffalo.

Salt Lake City — Has hosted the the Winter Olympics and would give Denver a local rival.

Other potential contenders include Portland, Omaha, Louisville, and Albuquerque.

San Antonio has my vote. The Houston Texans should be a healthy franchise by 2020.

Whatever the choice, the important thing is that L.A., the second-largest market in the U.S., will have a team after 25 years of not paying $250 for an upper deck seat and $10 for a cup of beer.

. . .

Oh, and Goodell also announced that there will be 13 Thursday night games on NFL Network starting next season, presumably until every major cable company picks up the channel.

. . .

Addendum: Sunday, February 5

And finally, I think several factors will prevent another record-setting Super Bowl.

– NBC’s days-long pre-game coverage has annoyed some people.
– Madonna.
– The Giants and Patriots are the two most boring teams in the league.
– Cris Collinsworth in the booth.
– Moderate temperatures and a lack of snow in much of the U.S. mean less people will be stuck at home watching TV.
– Stiffer competition from the Puppy Bowl.

. . .

Update: 11:35 P.M. Eastern

Tim Goodman says it was a boring game:

“… an otherwise lackluster football game devoid of any memorable plays ended up being midly exciting only because the score was close and there was a Hail Mary pass at the end of it. Otherwise? Wow, dullsville. … This wasn’t so much a Super Bowl as it was a forgettable Thursday night game on the NFL Network.”

Who would’ve guessed?


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