This morning, I happened to be watching “CBS This Morning” on WTAJ. I saw a man interview a groundhog. Time to reassess what I watch.

I can do without the following programs.

Up All Night – I feel like I’m doing it a favor by watching it. I like Maya Rudolph, but this isn’t even a show.

New Girl – I can’t look at Schmidt’s face anymore. Or listen to his voice.

Archer – It’s like the same damn thing every episode.

Napoleon Dynamite – Grandma is drawn like “Life with Louie.”

Suburbia – I didn’t mind the whole Sam & Diane thing as much as others did, but the Tessa vs Suburbia angle has been buried. Why would the audience give a fuck about Chris Parnell’s character’s gambling problem?

NOVA – The narrator is annoying.

Nature – “Planet Earth” explored caves, the deep ocean, or forests in less time than it takes “Nature” to cover a few tigers, elephants, or wolverines. There’s a lot of padding.


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