I was away from the internet for seven days and my Google Reader filled up with 950 unread items.

1. FOX is creating its own Adult Swim-ish block on Saturday nights. It will be a good place to hide future Allen Gregorys.

2. The Masked Scheduler became a Masked Strategist. Expect Bones to move out of its plum timeslot.

3. CBS This Morning debuted. It only looks like hard news when compared to The Today Show and Good Morning America.

4. The Finder didn’t premiere well, as anyone who saw the backdoor pilot last season would have guessed.

5. Rachael Ray was renewed for two more years. I honestly did not know she still had a show, or that her show has been on for six seasons.

6. Dish wants its customers to have the Big 4’s primetime shows available on their DVRs for an entire week after broadcast. It also wants to annoy sports fans with pop-ups about rugby.

7. Bob Greenblatt admitted NBC’s Fall failed. Maybe he really doesn’t give a fuck.

8. Whitney and Up All Night switched slots but both scored 2.0, while Chelsea scored 2.3 after Whitney. We’ll be seeing another slot switch in the near future.

9. 30 Rock returned to a 1.8, which means nothing for Community fans.

10. The Firm tanked. And NBC had ordered 22 episodes.

11. Amazon will provide digital lockers for Samsung Blue Ray players, meaning you can upload your old DVDs for streaming from anywhere. Now you can just invite a lonely friend over to watch their DVDs rather than go to their sad apartments.

12. Psych was renewed for season seven, extending it to at least 115 episodes, only 10 shy of Monk, but 61 shy of Silk Stalkings.

13. After years of not fitting-in on ESPN, Jim Rome is movin’ on down to CBS Sports Network, which is apparently a thing. He is also slated to appear on CBS, if only to make the NFL on CBS just that much worse.

14. Rob premiered big. I wonder how it will do in Mexico.

15. Work It got canceled. 8:30 after Tim Allen isn’t the best spot for Cougar Town, but that’s what happens when you’re a sitcom that can’t establish itself in the ratings. You plug holes, like NewsRadio did, and Rules of Engagement does.

16. The CW ordered 10 episodes of extreme musical chairs.

I leave you now with a moment of Zen.

“Some of the kids, they had wonderful-looking faces, but you just could not imagine the very bright kid inside.” — Tim Kring


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