Ed put up a nice Thanksgiving thanks post yesterday. It’s ironic that he thanked me for helping with the design since I removed all the design on this site the night before. When I figure out how to add some links to this template, Spotted will be right there. I read his posts every day, and he is my primary ratings source.

An explanation is in order. I intended this site to do several things, and it does none of them currently.

1. Post daily 18-49 ratings, including cable, on one page.
2. Be a continually-updated resource for historical ratings and scheduling information.
3. Highlight upcoming episodes, especially on less-watched channels like The Hub and PBS.

Oh well. This site has turned into a blog. But I have a plan.

Anyway, on the TV side of (not having a) life, my Black Friday thanks go to Ed, James, Rubbercat, and the dickheads at TV By the Numbers.

And the people who pad my page view stats by clicking on google images.


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