Work It (sitcom) (Jan. 3, Tuesdays 8:30)
Celebrity Wife Swap (Jan. 3, Tuesdays 9pm)
Wipeout (Jan. 5, Thursdays 8pm)
Shark Tank (Jan. 20, Fridays 8pm)
Primetime: What Would You Do? (Jan. 20, Fridays 9pm)
The River (drama) (Feb. 7, Tuesdays 9pm)
GCB (drama) (March 4, Sundays 10pm)
Missing (drama) (March 15, Thursdays 8pm)
Apartment 23 (sitcom)
Scandal (drama)
Secret Millionaire
Cougar Town


I Hate My Teenage Daughter (Nov. 30, Wed. 9:30)
The Finder (drama) (Jan. 12, Thursdays 9pm)
Napoleon Dynamite (animated) (Jan. 15, Sun. 8:30pm)
Alcatraz (drama) (January 16, Mondays 9pm)
Bob’s Burgers (March 11, 8:30pm)
Touch (drama) (March 19, Mondays 9pm)
Breaking In (March 6, Tuesdays 8:30pm)


Fear Factor (Dec. 12, Mondays)
Who’s Still Standing? (Dec. 12, Mondays)
Are You There, Chelsea? (sitcom) (Jan. 11, Wed. 8:30)
30 Rock (Jan. 12, Thursdays 8pm)
The Firm (drama) (Jan. 12, Thursdays 10pm)
Who Do You Think You Are? (Feb. 3, Fridays 8pm)
The Voice (Feb. 5,6 Mondays 8-10pm)
Smash (drama) (Feb. 6, Mondays 10pm)
The Apprentice (Feb. 12, Sundays 9-11pm)
Fashion Star (March 13, Tuesdays)
Betty White’s Off Their Rockers
Awake (drama)
Bent (sitcom)
Best Friends Forever (sitcom)


Rob (sitcom) (Jan. 12, Thursdays 8:30)
Undercover Boss (Jan. 15, Sundays 8pm)
NYC 22 (drama) (formerly The 2-2)

Last update: December 2.


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