What’s On: Saturday, March 19, 2011
. Preliminary Ratings
NCAA Basketball Tournament 4 games, Second Round [1.4 primetime] Saturday 1pm-10pm CBS
Eyewitness Behind the Crime special Saturday 6pm Nat Geo
Candice Tells All Focused Design Dilemma Saturday 7:30 HGTV
College Wrestling NCAA Championships Saturday 7:30-10:30 ESPN
High Stakes Poker episode 4 Saturday 8pm GSN
1.3 COPS Home Assaults Saturday 8pm FOX
Must Love Cats South season 1 finale Saturday 8pm Animal
0.5 Harry’s Law rerun A Day in the Life Saturday 8pm NBC
0.8 Wipeout rerun Birds, Bees, Bed Bugs Saturday 8pm ABC
Dear Genevieve episode 12 Saturday 8pm HGTV
Cash & Cari episode 12 Saturday 8:30 HGTV
1.5 COPS rerun Saturday 8:30 FOX
1.5 America’s Most Wanted s24e19 Saturday 9pm FOX
Being Human The Pack Saturday 9pm-10:15 BBC Am
Time After Time original movie 2011 Saturday 9-11pm Hallmark
Secrets from a Stylist episode 4 Saturday 9pm HGTV
Bellator Fighting Championships Saturday 9pm MTV 2
1.1 Norbit movie 2007 Saturday 9-11pm ABC
0.6 Law & Order: L.A. rerun Saturday 9pm NBC
The Antonio Treatment Spanish Style Living Room Saturday 9:30 HGTV
The Pee-Wee Herman Show on Broadway special Saturday 10pm HBO
1.1 48 Hours Mystery rerun Live to Tell: River’s Edge Saturday 10pm CBS
An Idiot Abroad Karl Comes Home Saturday 10pm Science
Pit Boss Saturday 10pm Animal
1.0 Law & Order: SVU rerun Dirty Saturday 10pm NBC
The Graham Norton Show Saturday 10:15 BBC Am
Fringe rerun Saturday 11pm FOX
SNL rerun Jeff Bridges / Eminem Saturday 11:30 NBC
30 Seconds to Fame rerun Saturday midnight FOX

Credit: Travis Yanan, TitanTV, and The Futon Critic

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