❁ Fall 2011 Schedule Prediction
✪ Ten O’Clock Tumbleweeds: February Sweeps
✪ The Axe Forecast: 2011
✪ Endurance Tests
✪ James Poniewozik: Piers Morgan’s Sheen interview was “…refreshing…”
✪ Tim Goodman: Power Rankings | No Like Oscars
✪ Daryl Hall dismantles The A.V. Club February 18
✪ Is The Chicago Code‘s disappointing 2.4 debut the result of FOX going off-brand?
✪ Spotted: Post-Super Bowl Monday numbers way down from last year
✪ Tim Goodman: No Like Grammys
✪ Alan Sepinwall: The Chicago Code is “potentially great”
✪ Robert Bianco: Go ahead and watch Traffic Light
✪ If you didn’t applaud Angela Bromstead’s exit from NBC, then read this.
✪ Tim Goodman: New NBCU logo blows
✪ Spotted: Only Grey’s saw a post-Super Bowl ratings bump recently
✪ Spotted: A.I. is still the Death Star
✪ Brian Lowry: A.I. judges aren’t bad
✪ Daniel Walters: TV breaks are good
✪ Tim Goodman at TCA: FOX | ABC | NBC | Oprah | cable | PBS
✪ David E. Kelley basically says Harry’s Law is doomed.
✪ Nikki Finke: Golden Globes still corrupt and meaningless.
✪ Tempestt Bledsoe wants to clean Brian Lowry’s house.
✪ Is 30 Rock at 10pm an attempt to lure back 18-49?
✪ Spotted asks, “What’s in a Producer’s Name?” November 2010

✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪


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