A new episode of Desperate Housewives beat about a hundred reruns.

Preliminary Primetime 18-49 Ratings for the Week of December 20-26, 2010

8.1 NFL Vikings at Eagles, a blizzard postponed it on Sunday Tuesday 8pm/5pm NBC
6.9 NFL Rams at Seahawks Sunday 8:30/5:30 NBC
3.8 Desperate Housewives Assassins Sunday 9pm ABC
3.6 The OT following the late NFL game Sunday to 8pm FOX
3.0 Undercover Boss Norwegian Cruise Line Sunday 9:16/9pm CBS
2.8 New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Ryan Seacrest, Jenny McCarthy, and Dick Clark Friday 10pm ABC
2.7 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Grommesh Family Sunday 8pm ABC
2.7 The Simpsons rerun The Fool Monty Sunday 8pm FOX
2.6 Family Guy rerun And Then There Were Fewer Sunday 9-10pm FOX
2.4 Two and a Half Men rerun Monday 9pm CBS
2.3 Brothers and Sisters Scandalized Sunday 10pm ABC
2.3 The Big Bang Theory rerun The Desperation Emanation Thursday 8pm CBS
2.2 Modern Family rerun Wednesday 9:30 ABC
2.2 The Cleveland Show rerun From Bed to Worse Sunday 8:30 FOX
2.2 CSI: Miami Match Made in Hell Sunday 8:16/8pm CBS
2.1 60 Minutes January 2, 2011 Sunday 7:16/7pm CBS
2.1 AFV runaway snowmobile Sunday 7pm ABC
2.1 Mike & Molly rerun Monday 9:30 CBS
2.1 CSI: Miami rerun Fallen Sunday 10:16/10pm CBS
2.0 NCIS rerun Patriot Down Tuesday 8pm CBS
2.0 Modern Family rerun Wednesday 9pm ABC
2.0 Criminal Minds rerun Wednesday 9pm CBS
2.0 SNL rerun Jon Hamm and Rihanna Saturday 11:30 NBC
1.9 How I Met Your Mother rerun Monday 8pm CBS
1.8 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2005 movie Monday 8-10pm ABC
1.8 Shit My Dad Says rerun Code Ed Thursday 8:30 CBS
1.8 NHL Winter Classic Capitals/Penguins at Heinz Field Saturday 8pm/5pm NBC
1.7 America’s Most Wanted January 1, 2011 Saturday 9pm FOX
1.7 COPS rerun Saturday 8:30 FOX
1.7 The Office rerun Sex Ed Thursday 9pm NBC
1.7 The Middle rerun Wednesday 8pm ABC
1.7 Hawaii Five-0 rerun Monday 10pm CBS
1.7 Rules of Engagement rerun Monday 8:30 CBS
1.6 CSI rerun Lost & Found Thursday 9pm CBS
1.6 The Mentalist rerun The Red Box Thursday 10pm CBS
1.6 Law & Order: SVU rerun Wednesday 10pm NBC
1.5 Cougar Town rerun Wednesday 10pm ABC
1.5 Better with You rerun Wednesday 8:30 ABC
1.5 Kennedy Center Honors 33rd Annual Tuesday 9-11pm CBS
1.5 48 Hours Mystery The Girl Who Knew Too Much Saturday 10pm CBS
1.4 COPS rerun Saturday 8pm FOX
1.4 Glee rerun Mattress Tuesday 9pm FOX
1.4 The Defenders rerun Wednesday 10pm CBS
1.3 NCIS: LA rerun Wednesday 8pm CBS
1.3 Wild Hogs movie 2007 Friday 8-10pm ABC
1.3 Glee rerun Ballad Tuesday 8pm FOX
1.2 Rudolph’s Shiny New Year 1976 special Tuesday 8pm ABC
1.2 Castle rerun Monday 10pm ABC
1.2 House rerun Monday 8pm FOX
1.2 New Year’s Eve Carson Daly Friday 10pm NBC
1.2 Cougar Town rerun Wednesday 10:30 ABC
1.2 Happy New Year, Charlie Brown special 1986 Thursday 8pm ABC
1.2 Outsourced rerun Jolly Vindaloo Day Thursday 9:30 NBC
1.2 Outsourced rerun Home for the Diwalidays Thursday 9:30 NBC
1.2 The Office rerun The Lover Thursday 10:30 NBC
1.2 Bones rerun The Proof in the Pudding Thursday 8pm FOX
1.1 Bones rerun The Parts in the Sum of the Whole Thursday 9pm FOX
1.1 30 Rock rerun Gentleman’s Intermission Thursday 8:30 NBC
1.1 48 Hours Mystery Toxic Saturday 9pm CBS
1.0 V rerun Red Sky Saturday 10pm ABC
1.0 Law & Order: SVU rerun Wednesday 9pm NBC
1.0 Human Target rerun Wednesday 8pm FOX
1.0 Minute to Win It rerun Friday 8pm NBC
0.9 Minute to Win It rerun Friday 9pm NBC
0.9 NCIS rerun Rule Fifty-One Friday 8pm CBS
0.9 CSI: NY rerun Point of View Friday 9pm CBS
0.9 Blue Bloods rerun Brothers Friday 10pm CBS
0.9 CSI: Miami rerun Spring Breakdown Saturday 9pm CBS
0.9 V rerun Fruition Saturday 9pm ABC
0.9 Community rerun Basic Rocket Science Thursday 8pm NBC
0.9 Human Target rerun Wednesday 9pm FOX
0.9 Undercovers The Key to It All Wednesday 8pm NBC
0.9 No Ordinary Family rerun Marriage Tuesday 9pm ABC
0.8 Grey’s Anatomy rerun Shock to the System Thursday 9pm ABC
0.8 Private Practice rerun Short Cuts Thursday 10pm ABC
0.8 V rerun Pilot Saturday 8pm ABC
0.8 Detroit 1-8-7 rerun Murder in Greektown Tuesday 10pm ABC
0.8 Lie to Me rerun Monday 8pm FOX
0.6 Chuck rerun Monday 8pm NBC
0.6 Chuck rerun Monday 9pm NBC
0.6 Chuck rerun Monday 10pm NBC
0.6 Rocky Balboa movie 2006 Friday 8-10pm FOX
0.5 Hellcats rerun Wednesday 8pm CW
0.5 Hellcats rerun Wednesday 9pm CW
0.4 Vampire Diaries rerun Memory Lane Thursday 8pm CW
0.4 Nikita rerun Phoenix Thursday 9pm CW
0.4 Smallville rerun Shield Friday 8pm CW
0.3 90210 rerun Monday 8pm CW
0.3 Gossip Girl rerun Monday 9pm CW
0.3 One Tree Hill rerun Nobody Taught Us to Quit Tuesday 8pm CW
0.3 Life Unexpected rerun Criminal Incriminated Tuesday 9pm CW
0.3 Supernatural rerun All Dogs Go to Heaven Friday 9pm CW

Credit: Travis Yanan and TV By the Numbers

Primetime 18-49 Ratings for Week of December 20-26, 2011

Programming Highlights for December 27, 2010 – January 2, 2011
  • Monday: TNT has new episodes of The Closer and Men of a Certain Age.
  • Tuesday: At 9 on BBC America, British restaurants in Britain compete to be Ramsay’s Best Restaurant.
  • Wednesday: It’s Dudamel night on PBS.
  • Thursday: Blow is on Encore at 9:35.
  • Friday: ¬°Feliz 2011!
  • Saturday: PBS has a New Year’s performance in Vienna on Great Performances.
  • Sunday: ABC has new episodes.

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