Steve Carell hosted the first SNL episode in HD, October 1, 2005.

Many later episodes are missing sections, sometimes more than half the episode, due to music and other copy rights.

The six episodes of SNL not on Hulu

Season 4 Episode 3 Frank Zappa October 21, 1978
Season 4 Episode 4 Steve Martin and Van Morrison November 4, 1978
Season 27 Episode 16 Cameron Diaz and Jimmy Eat World April 6, 2002
Season 28 Episode 15 Salma Hayek and Christina Aguilera March 15, 2003
Season 30 Episode 4 Kate Winslet and Eminem October 30, 2004
Season 34 Episode 5 Josh Brolin and Adele October 18, 2008

Season 30, episode 4 is not on Netflix either.

SNL specials that aren’t on Hulu but are on Netflix

Film Festival Season 10 20 minutes
Christmas Past ’90 Season 16 39 minutes
Halloween ’97 Season 23 31 minutes
Sports Extra ’98 Season 23 45 minutes

Note: the final episode of Season 2, Buck Henry and Jennifer Warnes, is mislabeled on Netflix as “Live from Mardi Gras Primetime Special.”

SNL specials that aren’t on Netflix but are on Hulu

A Very Gilly Christmas Season 35 65 minutes

Personal experience: When attempting to skip ahead, Netflix took an absurd amount of time to buffer the video. Hulu added commercials after two weeks, after about eighty episodes– what the hell?

Recommendation for casual viewers: Watch Seasons 1-4 and 12-20 on Netflix. Otherwise, skim through the episodes list and just watch the episodes where you like the host or musical guest.

Recommendation for completists: Get Netflix.


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