Minty the Candy Cane That Fell on the Ground debuted on Monday.

Primetime 18-49 Ratings for the Week of December 13-19

(Saturday’s results are preliminary.)

8.7 NFL late game overrun Sunday 7-7:16pm Eastern CBS
8.6 NFL Packers at Patriots Sunday 8:30/5:30 NBC
4.5 NFL Ravens at Texans Monday 8:30/5:30 ESPN
4.2 Two and a Half Men Chocolate Diddlers Monday 9pm CBS
4.1 Survivor: Nicaragua season finale Sunday 8:16-10:28pm/8pm CBS
4.0 60 Minutes December 19, 2010 Sunday 7:16-8:16pm/7pm CBS
4.0 The Big Bang Theory The Justice League Recombination Thursday 8pm CBS
4.0 NCIS False Witness Tuesday 8pm CBS
4.0 The Biggest Loser live season finale Tuesday 9-11pm NBC
3.6 Mike & Molly First Christmas Monday 9:30 CBS
3.6 How I Met Your Mother False Positive Monday 8pm CBS
3.5 Survivor: Nicraragua Episode 14 Wednesday 8pm CBS
3.4 Survivor: Nicaragua Reunion Sunday 10:28-11:16pm/10pm CBS
3.3 Criminal Minds 25 to Life Wednesday 9pm CBS
3.3 NCIS: LA Disorder Tuesday 9pm CBS
3.3 The Sing-Off Night 3 Monday 8-10pm NBC
3.2 Rules of Engagement Little Bummer Boy Monday 8:30 CBS
2.9 Shit My Dad Says Family Dinner for Schmucks Thursday 8:30 CBS
2.9 The Sing-Off Night 4 Wednesday 8-10pm NBC
2.8 Hawaii Five-0 Hana ‘a’a Makehewa Monday 10pm CBS
2.7 Saturday Night Live Jeff Bridges and Eminem Saturday 11:30 NBC (preliminary)
2.6 Hell’s Kitchen Season 8 Finale Wednesday 9pm FOX
2.5 Pawn Stars Monday 10pm History
2.3 Minute to Win It A Family Affair Tuesday 8pm NBC
2.3 Family Guy Something, Something, Something, Something Darkside rerun 9-10pm FOX
2.2 The Simpsons rerun Sunday 8pm FOX
2.2 The Good Wife Nine Hours Tuesday 10pm CBS
2.1 Glee rerun 8pm Tuesday FOX
2.1 Glee rerun 9pm Tuesday FOX
2.1 Modern Family rerun Wednesday 9:30 ABC
2.0 The Defenders Nevada v. Riley Wednesday 10pm CBS
2.0 Modern Family rerun Wednesday 9pm ABC
1.9 Law & Order: SVU rerun Wednesday 10pm NBC
1.9 NFL 49ers at Chargers Thursday 8:30/5:30 NFL Network
1.9 A Charlie Brown Christmas 1965 Thursday 8:30 ABC
1.9 CSI rerun Thursday 9pm CBS
1.9 The Cleveland Show rerun Sunday 8:30 FOX
1.9 The Santa Clause 3 2006 movie Sunday 9-11pm ABC
1.8 The Simpsons rerun 7:30 FOX
1.8 The Mentalist rerun Thursday 10pm CBS
1.8 The Office rerun Thursday 9pm NBC
1.8 American Pickers Monday 9pm History
1.7 Real Housewives of Atlanta Not So Fine Print Sunday 10pm Bravo
1.8 WWE Raw The 2010 Slammys Monday 9pm USA
1.7 WWE Raw The 2010 Slammys Monday 10pm USA
1.7 Burn Notice Last Stand season finale Thursday 10pm USA
1.7 The Santa Clause 2 2002 movie Sunday 7-9pm ABC
1.7 Yes, Virginia 2009 Friday 8pm CBS
1.7 Frosty the Snowman 1969 Friday 8:30 CBS
1.6 Human Target Dead Head Wednesday 8pm FOX
1.6 I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown 2003 Tuesday 8pm ABC
1.6 Cops rerun Saturday 8:30 FOX(preliminary)
1.5 America’s Most Wanted Season 24, Episode 11 Saturday 9pm FOX(preliminary)
1.5 House rerun Monday 8pm FOX
1.5 Burn Notice Out of the Fire Thursday 9pm USA
1.5 Outsourced rerun Thursday 10pm NBC
1.5 Bones rerun Thursday 9pm FOX
1.4 Cops Coast to Coast Saturday 8pm FOX(preliminary)
1.4 Frosty Returns 1995 Friday 9pm CBS
1.4 Dateline December 17, 2010 Friday 9-11pm NBC
1.4 30 Rock rerun Thursday 8:30 NBC
1.4 WWE Raw The 2010 Slammys Monday 8pm USA
1.4 The Middle rerun Wednesday 8pm ABC
1.3 Storage Wars Wednesday 10:30 A&E
1.3 Primetime: What Would You Do? Viewers’ Choice clip show Friday 9pm ABC
1.3 Cougar Town rerun Wednesday 10pm ABC
1.3 Better with You rerun Wednesday 8:30 ABC
1.3 The Office rerun Thursday 10pm NBC
1.2 NBA Heat at Knicks Friday 7pm/4pm ESPN
1.2 NBA Knicks at Celtics Wednesday 7pm/4pm ESPN
1.2 16 and Pregnant Megan Tuesday 10pm MTV
1.2 Castle rerun Monday 10pm ABC
1.2 Chase rerun Monday 10pm NBC
1.2 Cougar Town rerun Wednesday 10:30 ABC
1.2 The Office rerun Thursday 10:30 NBC
1.2 Bones rerun Thursday 8pm FOX
1.2 Grey’s Anatomy rerun Thursday 9pm ABC
1.2 Community rerun Thursday 8pm NBC
1.2 48 Hours Mystery Saturday 10pm CBS(preliminary)
1.1 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Thursday 10pm Bravo
1.1 Top Chef: All-Stars Wednesday 10pm Bravo
1.1 Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas to You special Monday 9pm ABC
1.1 The Simpsons rerun Sunday 7pm FOX
1.1 Madagascar 2005 movie Saturday 9-11pm ABC(preliminary)
1.0 The Closer 9pm TNT
1.0 Lie to Me rerun Monday 9pm FOX
1.0 Psych The Polarizing Express Wednesday 9pm USA
1.0 Psych Dead Bear Walking Wednesday 10pm USA
1.0 Meet the Browns The Football Coach Wednesday 10pm TBS
1.0 Meet the Browns The Shopaholic Wednesday 10:30 TBS
1.0 No Ordinary Family rerun Tuesday 9pm ABC
1.0 Private Practice rerun Thursday 10pm ABC
1.0 20/20 December 17, 2010 Friday 10pm ABC
1.0 I Get That a Lot clip show Friday 9:30 CBS
1.0 Supernanny Fernandez Family Friday 8pm ABC
1.0 Minute to Win It rerun Friday 8pm NBC
1.0 Gold Rush: Alaska Friday 10pm Discovery
0.9 Ax Men Sunday 9pm History
0.9 NBA Suns at Mavericks Friday 9:30/6:30 ESPN
0.9 Storage Wars Wednesday 10pm A&E
0.9 Fashion Show Tuesday 10pm-11:15 Bravo
0.9 Millionaire Matchmaker Tuesday 10pm Bravo
0.9 The First 48 Rules of the Game; Outgunned Thursday 9pm A&E
0.9 Funniest Commercials of the Year 2010 Thursday 10pm TBS
0.9 Law & Order: SVU rerun Saturday 10pm NBC(preliminary)
0.9 CSI: Miami rerun Saturday 9pm CBS(preliminary)
0.9 Blue Bloods rerun Friday 10pm CBS
0.8 CSI rerun Saturday 8pm CBS(preliminary)
0.8 Billy the Exterminator Tuesday 9:30 A&E
0.8 Detroit 1-8-7 rerun Tuesday 10pm ABC
0.8 NBA Trail Blazers at Mavericks Wednesday 9:45/6:45 ESPN
0.8 Real World Road Rules Challenge Czechmate Wednesday 10pm MTV
0.8 Hoarders Monday 10pm A&E
0.8 Intervention Monday 9pm A&E
0.8 American Chopper: Senior vs Junior Monday 9pm Discovery
0.8 True Life Monday 10pm MTV
0.8 Skating with the Stars Week 4 Monday 8pm ABC
0.8 NBA Hawks at Celtics Thursday 8:15/5:15 TNT
0.8 NBA Spurs at Nuggets Thursday 10:45/7:45 TNT
0.8 Vampire Diaries s2e7 rerun Thursday 8pm CW
0.8 Brad Meltzer’s Decoded Thursday 10pm History
0.8 Are We There Yet? 2005 movie Friday 8-10pm FOX
0.7 Ancient Aliens Thursday 9pm History
0.7 Police Women of Dallas Thursday 9pm TLC
0.7 The Peacemaker Thursday 10pm A&E
0.7 The Peacemaker Thursday 10:30 A&E
0.7 Time Machine The Fall of the Third Reich Wednesday 9-11pm History
0.7 Auction Hunters Tuesday 10pm Spike
0.7 I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown 2003 Saturday 8pm ABC (preliminary)
0.7 WWE Tribute to the Troops 2010 Saturday 9-10pm NBC (preliminary)
0.7 Kendra Sunday 10pm E!
0.7 Leverage The Big Bang Job Sunday 9pm TNT
0.7 Leverage The San Lorenzo Job Sunday 10pm TNT
0.7 WWE Smackdown Friday 8-10pm Syfy
0.7 Sarah Palin’s Alaska Sunday 9pm TLC
0.6 Top Gear Beater Boot Camp 10pm History
0.6 The Soup Friday 10pm E!
0.6 Gene Simmons Family Jewels Sunday 9pm A&E
0.6 Gene Simmons Family Jewels Sunday 9:30 A&E
0.6 The Office Classy Christmas rerun Saturday 8-9pm NBC (preliminary)
0.6 Mythbusters Green Hornet Special Wednesday 9pm Discovery
0.6 Mythbusters 2008 Christmas Special Wednesday 10pm Discovery
0.6 Glory Daze Why Shan’t This Be Love Tuesday 10pm TBS
0.6 Full Throttle Saloon Wednesday 10pm truTV
0.6 Dog the Bounty Hunter Wednesday 9:30 A&E
0.6 Cake Boss: The Next Great Baker Monday 9pm TLC
0.6 Vampire Diaries s2e8 rerun Thursday 9pm CW
0.6 Vampire Diaries s2e9 rerun Friday 8pm CW
0.6 Vampire Diaries s2e10 rerun Friday 9pm CW
0.6 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia A Very Sunny Christmas season 6 finale (already released as a DVD in 2009) 10-11pm FX
0.5 Cellblock 6: Female Lockup Thursday 10pm TLC
0.5 TNA Impact Mr. Anderson Returns Thursday 9-11pm Spike
0.5 Men of a Certain Age Monday 10pm TNT
0.5 Marry Me original movie, part 2 Monday 9-11pm Lifetime
0.5 Tabitha’s Salon Takeover Monday 10pm Bravo
0.5 Dirty Jobs Tuesday 9pm Discovery
0.5 Auction Kings Tuesday 10pm Discovery
0.5 1000 Ways to Die Wednesday 10pm Spike
0.5 Married to Rock Sunday 10:30 E!
0.5 What Not to Wear Friday 9pm TLC
0.5 Vampire Diaries s2e3 rerun Tuesday 8pm CW
0.5 Vampire Diaries s2e4 rerun Tuesday 9pm CW
0.5 Vampire Diaries s2e5 rerun Wednesday 8pm CW
0.5 Vampire Diaries s2e6 rerun Wednesday 9pm CW
0.4 Vampire Diaries s2e1 rerun Monday 8pm CW
0.4 Vampire Diaries s2e2 rerun Monday 9pm CW
0.4 Untold Stories of the E.R. Wednesday 9pm TLC
0.4 Sanctuary Friday 10pm Syfy
0.4 Conspiracy Theory Friday 10pm truTV
0.4 Fashion Police Weekly Friday Friday 10:30 E!
0.4 Manswers Wednesday 10:30 Spike
0.4 Party Heat Tuesday 10pm truTV
0.3 Bully Beatdown 10:30 MTV
0.3 Bridalplasty Sunday 9pm E!
0.3 Mario Lopez: Saved by the Baby Monday 10pm VH1
0.3 Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It Monday 10:30 VH1
0.2 My Big Friggin Wedding Monday 9pm VH1
0.3 Celebrity Rehab Wednesday 10pm VH1
0.2 24/7 Penguins/Capitals Wednesday 10pm HBO
0.2 Tower Prep Tuesday 9pm Cartoon Network

Credit: Travis Yanan. Not all first-run cable programs are listed.

Primetime 18-49 Ratings for the Week of December 6-12, 2010

. . . . .

Programming Highlights for the Week of December 13-20

  • It’s Larry King’s final week. Watch the big send-off at 9pm Thursday.
  • Monday: At 9, Maria Carey sings Christmas songs on ABC. Conan welcomes Gwyneth Paltrow at 11.
  • Tuesday: BBC America has Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Christmas at 10. The Biggest Loser wraps up with a live episode.
  • Wednesday: PBS has Paris: The Luminous Years, which documents “role that Paris played in shaping the arts of the early 20th century.” At 9, either Russell or Nona earns the title of top chef in Hell’s Kitchen. Letterman has Ronnie Spector.
  • Thursday: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia ends its sixth season with an hour-long Christmas episode. Amy Sedaris and Paul Simon appear on The Colbert Report, at 11:30. Lopez Tonight has Justin Timberlake.
  • Friday: On PBS, Great Performances features the San Francisco Ballet’s ‘Nutcracker.’ Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro stop by the Letterman show.
  • Saturday: Ricky Gervais: Out of England 2, an hour-long stand-up special, premieres at 10 on HBO. Jeff Bridges and Eminem appear on SNL.
  • Sunday: Survivor: Nicaragua ends with a three-hour special.

. . . . .


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