Primetime 18-49 Ratings for the Week of November 15-21

8.8 NFL Sunday 8:30/5:30 NBC
8.2 NFL late game Sunday 4:22-7:12/1:22-4:12 CBS
6.3 NFL Monday 8:30/5:30 ESPN
5.0 Glee Tuesday 8pm FOX
4.8 Modern Family Wednesday 9pm ABC
4.5 Two and a Half Men Monday 9pm CBS
4.3 American Music Awards 2010 special Sunday 8-11pm ABC
4.3 Grey’s Anatomy Thursday 9pm ABC
4.3 Big Bang Theory Thursday 8pm CBS
4.0 House rerun Monday 8pm FOX
4.0 Dancing with the Stars Monday 8pm-9:30 ABC
3.9 NCIS Tuesday 8pm
3.8 Criminal Minds Wednesday 9pm CBS
3.8 The Office Thursday 9pm NBC
3.7 Mike & Molly Monday 9:30 CBS
3.6 How I Met Your Mother Monday 8pm CBS
3.7 60 Minutes Sunday 7:12/7pm CBS
3.5Survivor: Nicaragua clip show Wednesday 8pm CBS
3.4 Undercover Boss Sunday 9:12/9pm CBS
3.4 Dancing with the Stars season finale Tuesday 9pm ABC
3.3 NCIS: LA Tuesday 9pm
3.1 CSI Thursday 9pm CBS
3.0 Cougar Town Wednesday 9:30 ABC
3.0 The Mentalist Thursday 10pm CBS
3.0 Shit My Dad Says Thursday 8:30 CBS
3.0 Family Guy rerun Sunday 9pm FOX
3.0 The Amazing Race Sunday 8:12/8pm CBS
2.9 The Simpsons Sunday 8pm FOX
2.9 Private Practice Thursday 10pm ABC
2.9 Rules of Engagement Monday 8:30 CBS
2.8 The Middle Wednesday 8pm ABC
2.8 Hawaii Five-0 Monday 10pm CBS
2.7 Bones Thursday 8pm FOX
2.7 Raising Hope Tuesday 9pm FOX
2.6 Outsourced Thursday 9:30 NBC
2.6 Hell’s Kitchen Wednesday 9pm FOX
2.5 The Biggest Loser Tuesday 8-10pm NBC
2.5 Castle Monday 10pm ABC
2.4 The Cleveland Show Sunday 8:30 FOX
2.4 The Walking Dead Sunday 10pm AMC
2.3 American Dad Sunday 9:30 FOX
2.3 Better with You Wednesday 8:30 ABC
2.3 CSI: Miami Sunday 10:12/10pm CBS
2.2 30 Rock Thursday 8:30 NBC
2.2 The Middle rerun Monday 9:30 ABC
2.2 The Good Wife Tuesday 10pm
2.2 A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 1973 special Thursday 8pm ABC
2.1 NFL Thursday 8:30/5:30 NFL Network
2.1 Law & Order: SVU Wednesday 9pm NBC
2.0 20/20 Friday 10pm ABC
1.9 Community Thursday 8pm NBC
1.9 Fringe Thursday 9pm FOX
1.9 Lie to Me Monday 9pm FOX
1.9 The Simpsons rerun Sunday 7:30 FOX
1.9 Law & Order: LA Wednesday 10pm NBC
1.9 The Defenders Wednesday 10pm CBS
1.8 Human Target Wednesday 8pm FOX
1.8 Chuck Monday 8pm NBC
1.8 Parenthood Tuesday 10pm NBC
1.8 WWE Raw Monday 10pm USA
1.8 WWE Raw Monday 9pm USA
1.8 America’s Funniest Home Videos Sunday 7pm ABC
1.8 COPS rerun Saturday 8:30 FOX (preliminary)
1.7 COPS Saturday 8pm FOX (preliminary)
1.7 America’s Most Wanted Saturday 9pm FOX (preliminary)
1.7 Sons of Anarchy Tuesday 10pm-11:05 FX
1.7 Raising Hope rerun Tuesday 9:30 FOX
1.7 No Ordinary Family Tuesday 9pm ABC
1.7 Detroit 1-8-7 Tuesday 10pm ABC
1.7 The Event Monday 9pm NBC
1.6 Primetime: What Would You Do? Friday 9pm ABC
1.6 Blue Bloods Friday 10pm CBS
1.6 Real Housewives of Atlanta Sunday 10pm Bravo
1.6 Dateline Wednesday 8pm NBC
1.5 25 Years of Sexy special Wednesday 10pm ABC
1.5 College Football Saturday 8pm ABC (preliminary)
1.5 CSI: NY Friday 9pm CBS
1.4 48 Hours Mystery Saturday 10pm CBS (preliminary)
1.4 Medium Friday 8pm CBS
1.4 South Park season finale Wednesday 10pm Comedy Central
1.4 16 and Pregnant Tuesday 10pm MTV
1.4 WWE Raw Monday 8pm USA
1.3 Boardwalk Empire Sunday 9pm HBO
1.3 Burn Notice Thursday USA
1.2 The Apprentice Thursday 10pm NBC
1.2 Dateline Friday 9pm NBC
1.2 Chase Monday 10pm NBC
1.2 Criminal Minds rerun Saturday 9pm CBS (preliminary)
1.1 The Next Iron Chef Sunday 9pm Food Network
1.1 The Cleveland Show rerun Sunday 7pm FOX (85% coverage)
1.1 Supernanny Friday 8pm ABC
1.1 House rerun Friday 8pm FOX
1.1 America’s Next Top Model Wednesday 8pm CW
1.0 Psych Wednesday 9pm USA
1.0 The Ultimate Fighter Wednesday Spike
1.0 NBA Wednesday 7pm/4pm ESPN
1.0 Meet the Browns Wednesday 10pm TBS
1.0 Bad Girls Club Tuesday 9pm Oxygen
1.0 NCIS: LA rerun Saturday 8pm CBS (preliminary)
1.0 Smallville Friday 8pm CW
1.0 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Thursday 10pm FX
1.0 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Thursday Bravo
0.9 Meet the Browns Wednesday 10:30 TBS
0.9 Hellcats Wednesday 9pm CW
0.9 Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads Sunday 9pm History
0.9 One Tree Hill Tuesday 8pm CW
0.9 Top Gear Sunday 10pm History
0.9 Supernatural Friday 9pm CW
0.9 NBA Friday 7pm/4pm ESPN
0.9 iCarly Movie: Startfanwar Friday 8-9pm Nick
0.9 90210 Monday 8pm CW
0.9 Gossip Girl Monday 9pm CW
0.8 Hoarders Monday 10pm A&EV
0.8 College Football Friday 9:46/6:46 ESPN
0.8 NBA Friday 9:50/6:50 ESPN
0.8 WWE Smackdown Friday 8-10pm Syfy
0.8 Harmony: A Film Inspired by the Prince of Wales special Friday 10pm NBC
0.8 NBA Wednesday 9:44/6:44 ESPN
0.8 Real World/Road Rules Challenge Wednesday MTV
0.7 Ugly Americans Wednesday 10:30 Comedy Central
0.7 Mythbusters Wednesday 9pm Discovery
0.7 Top Chef: Just Desserts Wednesday 10pm Bravo
0.7 Storm Chasers Wednesday 10pm Discovery
0.7 Ghost Hunters Wednesday 9pm Syfy
0.7 School Pride Friday 8pm NBC
0.7 Kendra Sunday E!
0.7 Shake It Up Sunday 8:30 Disney
0.7 Sister Wives Honeymoon Special Sunday TLC
0.7 Sarah Palin’s Alaska Sunday TLC
0.7 The First 48 Thursday 9pm A&E
0.7 College Football Notre Dame vs Army 8pm/5pm Saturday NBC (preliminary)
0.7 Millionaire Matchmaker Tuesday 9pm Bravo
0.7 Dirty Jobs Tuesday 9pm Discovery
0.6 Life Unexpected Tuesday 9pm CW
0.6 Running Russell Simmons Tuesday 10pm Oxygen
0.6 19 Kids and Counting Tuesday 9pm TLC
0.6 Sonny with a Chance Sunday 9pm Disney
0.6 Good Luck Charlie Sunday 8pm Disney
0.6 Futurama Sunday 10pm Comedy Central
0.6 Married to Rock Sunday E!
0.6 Iron Chef America Sunday Food Network
0.6 The League Thursday 10:30 FX
0.6 After the First 48 Thursday A&E
0.6 Ancient Aliens Thursday 10pm History
0.6 The Vampire Diaries rerun Thursday 8pm CW
0.6 Big Time Rush Friday 9pm Nick
0.6 Swamp Loggers Friday 9pm Discovery
0.6 Full Throttle Saloon Wednesday 10pm truTV
0.5 Weeds Monday 10pm HBO
0.5 Little People Big World Monday 8pm TLC
0.5 Little People Big World Monday 8:30 TLC
0.5 Cake Boss Monday 9pm TLC
0.5 Southern Fried Stings Monday 10:30 truT
0.5 The Soup Friday E!
0.5 Fact or Faked Thursday Syfy
0.5 Police Women of Dallas Thursday 9pm TLC
0.5 Pawn Queens Thursday 10pm TLC
0.5 Pawn Queens Thursday 10:30 TLC
0.5 NBA Thursday 10:45/7:45 TNT
0.5 NBA Thursday 8:15/5:15 TNT
0.5 Dirty Jobs Sunday 8pm Discovery
0.5 College Football Thursday 8pm ESPN
0.5 TNA: Impact Thursday 9-11pm Spike
0.5 Dog the Bounty Hunter Wednesday 9:30 A&E
0.5 Dog the Bounty Hunter Wednesday 9pm A&E
0.5 Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time Tuesday Comedy Central
0.5 Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel Tuesday 10pm truTV
0.5 Billy the Exterminator Tuesday 9:30 A&E
0.4 Stargate Universe Tuesday 10pm Syfy
0.4 Auction Hunters Tuesday 10pm Spike
0.4 Nikita rerun Thursday 9pm CW
0.4 Star Wars: The Clone Wars Friday Cartoon Network
0.4 Generator Rex Friday Cartoon Network
0.4 Bully Beatdown Thursday MTV
0.4 Pranked Thursday 10pm MTV
0.4 Paranormal State Sunday 9pm A&E
0.4 Paranormal State Sunday 9:30 A&E
0.4 Sanctuary 10pm Friday Syfy
0.4 Terriers Wednesday 10pm FX
0.4 The Big C Monday 10:30 HBO
0.4 Scare Tactics Monday 9pm Syfy
0.4 Southern Fried Stings Monday 10pm truTV
0.4 Conspiracy Theory Friday 10pm truTV
0.3 The Fashion Show Tuesday 10pm Bravo
0.3 Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It Monday 10:30 VH1
0.3 I Love Money Wednesday VH1
0.3 Scare Tactics Monday 9:30 Syfy
0.3 Sym-Bionic Titan Friday 8pm Cartoon Network
0.3 Tower Prep Tuesday Cartoon Network
0.3 Total Drama World Tour Monday Cartoon Network
0.3 Adventure Time Monday Cartoon Network
0.2 Regular Show Monday Cartoon Network
0.2 Mad Monday Cartoon Network
0.2 Robotomy Monday Cartoon Network
0.2 Total Drama World Tour Thursday Cartoon Network
0.2 Snapped Sunday 10pm Oxygen
0.2 Fantasia for Real Sunday 9pm VH1
0.2 Football Wives Sunday VH1
0.2 Mario Lopez: Saved by the Baby Monday 10pm VH1
0.2 My Big Friggin Wedding Monday 9pm VH1
0.2 Dude What Would Happen Wednesday Cartoon Network
0.2 Destroy Build Destroy Wednesday Cartoon Network
0.1 Dance Cam Slam Wednesday VH1
0.1 In Treatment Tuesday 9:30 HBO
0.1 In Treatment Tuesday 9pm HBO
0.0 In Treatment Monday 9pm HBO
0.0 In Treatment Monday 9:30 HBO

Credit: Travis Yanan. Not all first-run cable programs are listed.
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