August 25, 2010

2009-2010 Season
Tuesday 4/5: NCIS: LA, Parenthood, The Good Wife, V [The Forgotten]
Sunday 3/5: Cleveland, Undercover Boss, Minute to Win it [Three Rivers, Sons of Tucson]
Wednesday 5/9: Glee, Modern Family, Cougar Town, The Middle, Human Target [Hank, Eastwick, Mercy, Happy Town]
Friday 2/4: Jamie Oliver, Who Do You Think You Are? [Miami Medical, Brothers]
Thursday 2/5: Community, Marriage Ref [Flash Forward, Past Life, The Deep End]
Monday 0/4: [Trauma, Accidentally on Purpose, Romantically Challenged, Find My Family]
Saturday: Nothing ventured, nothing lost.

2008-2009 Season

Wednesday 3/7: Lie to Me, Gary Unmarried, Better Off Ted [Do Not Disturb, Knight Rider, The Unusuals, The Chopping Block]
Tuesday 2/6: The Mentalist, Fringe [Opportunity Knocks, Homeland Security USA, Cupid]
Thursday 2/7 : Southland, Parks and Recreation [Kath & Kim, Life on Mars, Eleventh Hour, In the Motherhood, Harper’s Island]
Monday 2/7: Castle, True Beauty [My Own Worst Enemy, Momma’s Boys, Superstars of Dance, Worst Week, Surviving Suburbia]
Friday 1/5: Dollhouse [The Ex-List, Howie Do It, America’s Toughest Jobs, Crusoe]
Sunday 0/2: [Kings, Sit Down Shut Up]
Saturday 0/1: [Game Show in My Head]

2007-2008 Season

Wednesday 5/9: Private Practice, Kitchen Nightmares, The Moment of Truth, Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money [Back to You, Bionic Woman, Kid Nation, Cashmere Mafia]
Monday 4/13: The Big Bang Theory, Chuck, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Samantha Who? [K-Ville, Journeyman, Dance War, Welcome to The Captain, Canterbury’s Law, New Amsterdam, Clash of the Choirs, American Gladiators, My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad]
Thursday 2/4: Eli Stone, Lipstick Jungle [Big Shots, Miss Guided]
Sunday 0/3: [Oprah’s Big Give, Viva Laughlin, Unhitched]
Tuesday 0/5: [Cavemen, Carpoolers, Cane, The Singing Bee, Secret Talents of the Stars]
Friday 0/6: [Moonlight, Women’s Murder Club, The Next Great American Band, Nashville, Amne$ia, The Return of Jezebel James]
Saturday: none

2006-2007 Season
Thursday 4/8: Ugly Betty, ‘Til Death, Shark, October Road [Six Degrees, Happy Hour, Andy Barker PI, Raines]
Friday 2/4: Men in Trees, 1 vs 100 [The Wedding Bells, Identity]
Sunday 1/3: Brothers & Sisters [The Winner, Grease: You’re the One that I Want!]
Monday 2/8: Rules of Engagement, Heroes [Drive, Vanished, The Class, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, The Real Wedding Crashers, The Black Donnellys]
Tuesday 2/10: 30 Rock, Friday Night Lights [Help Me Help You, Smith, Twenty Good Years, Kidnapped, The Nine, Standoff, The Great American Dream Vote, 3 lbs.]
Wednesday 2/10: Jericho, Notes from the Underbelly [Knights of Prosperity, In Case of Emergency, Justice, Thank God You’re Here, Show Me the Money, Armed & Famous, Day Break, The Rich List]
Saturday: none

Wednesday 15/35: 42% renewed [58% canceled]
Thursday 10/24: 41% [59%]
Sunday 4/13: 31% [69%]
Tuesday 8/26: 30% [70%]
Friday 5/19: 26% [74%]
Monday 8/32: 25% [75%]

This Season’s New Shows
Wednesday: Law & Order: LA (NBC), Undercovers (NBC), The Defenders (CBS), The Whole Truth (ABC), Better with You (ABC), Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior (CBS)
Thursday: Outsourced (NBC), Shit My Dad Says (CBS), My Generation (ABC)
Sunday: Bob’s Burgers (FOX)
Tuesday: Running Wilde (FOX), Raising Hope (FOX), No Ordinary Family (ABC), Detroit 187 (ABC), Body of Proof (ABC)
Monday: Lonestar (FOX), The Event (NBC), Chase (NBC), Mike & Molly (CBS), Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)
Friday: Outlaw (NBC), School Pride (NBC), Blue Bloods (CBS)
Saturday: none

Axed, as of March 10, 2011
Wednesday: Undercovers, The Whole Truth,
Thursday: My Generation
Sunday: none
Tuesday: Running Wilde, No Ordinary Family, Detroit 1-8-7
Monday: Lone Star, Chase
Friday: Outlaw, School Pride
Saturday: nothing ventured, nothing lost

Updated with cancellations, and to account for Jamie Oliver’s non-cancellation.


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